• Omnirise ECM
    Subsea Booster with integrated VSD and magnetic coupling
  • Hydromag
    Variable Speed inside the pump & Hermetic enclosure to motor
  • Omnirise EMM
    Subsea Chemical Injection & sHPU
  • Omnirise EMM
    Getting ready for test


Omnirise is our range of subsea centrifugal and positive displacement pumps for well- and subsea process related applications, such as boosting, injection, offload and transfer.

Common to these pumps is that they are “TOPSIDE-LESS” – they require only powersupply to work virtually autonomous at the seabed. All of our systems come with integrated variable speed functionality. No need for an electric Variable Frequency Drive (VFD).

Several  of our pumps in this range are also “SEAL-LESS” – the dynamic seals have been completely removed. This significantly increases lifetime and reliability, as dynamic seals are typically responsible for the majority of pump failures. Furthermore, this eliminates the need for a hydraulic umbilical and associated topside HPU and barrier fluid valves and equipment, saving substantial cost and reducing system complexity.

Omnirise MiniBooster
This is the world`s first subsea process pump that does not require any mechanical seal or Barrier Fluid system. Furthermore, it is designed for easy hook-up to a unique Electric Subsea Variable Speed Drive system. The core and proprietary technology of the 400V centrifugal boosting system was qualified during the course of 2014 and 2015 and is currently available in the marketplace for a variety of subsea boosting and circulation applications.

Omnirise Booster
This is the world’s first Barrier Fluid-less subsea boosting system with embedded variable speed functionality. It builds on the development of the MiniBooster and a unique, new technology platform called Hydromag.

Video: Check out our Omnirise Boosting system, with integrated Hydromag Drive Unit technology in this video (2 min. 39 sec.)