Flocean™ - Flow from the ocean

Flocean™ can provide water stressed coastal areas with low-cost potable water or simply cold, clean seawater, harvested sustainably from the deeper parts of the ocean. Here, the forces of nature are working in our favour. The system uses the natural pressure of the water column to reduce energy consumption with 30-50% compared to modern terrestrial seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) facilities. Flocean™ is eco-friendly as the deep sea also provides stable, higher purity feed water and virtually eliminates damage to marine life at both the intake and outfall. The system takes advantage of already qualified equipment, is easy to install and maintain and highly reliable.

Flocean™ Desal – Overview




Power demand


6,250 m3/day pr Pod

6m x 5m x 7m (height)

50 tons (in air)

2.0-2.5 kWh/m3*


Flocean™ Desal - Benefits

Norway has five decades experience with successful subsea technologies. FSubsea has supplied more than 50 deep sea pump systems and has the core team behind the world’s first subsea water treatment plant

*Power demand depends largely on water depth, salinity and distance from shore. Cost of water depends largely on plant size, energy cost and cost of capital. Water will typically be available through competitive Water Purchase Agreements. Due to the positive socio-economic and environmental impact of the technology, financial support from large developmental finance and export credit institutions is expected.

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