Making subsea pumps simpler, more reliable and sustainable

Subsea pumping systems for permanent use on the seabed

Subsea slurry lift and circulation systems

Subsea seawater, trenching, and dredging systems

We want to help you create value from our vast ocean space, in a gentle and sustainable way, whether you want

  • Uniquely reliable trenching systems to clean up the seabed or lay HV power cables
  • To recover more from existing wells (brownfields) and using existing infrastructure (tie-backs)
    • Reducing the USD 32 billion spent annually (2018) on marine seismic and exploration activities
  • Lower cost seawater desalination for communities, agriculture and industrial processes
  • Clean, pre-treated seawater for onshore aquaculture and cooling applications
  • High efficiency, and robust slurry lift systems with “zero discharge”-design, operating in the deep seas

The majority of subsea projects require a large degree of bespoke engineering, particularly if robustness and extended lifetime is important in a particular application. Often, our client is looking for a system and not only the pump-motor unit. Our organization is built to deliver such projects and solutions. At the same time, we take advantage of modularization and standardization principles and proven technologies where possible, to deliver cost efficient solutions. 

Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions is a natural part of our business, whether it is to monitor equipment condition or to optimize performance.  We offer Digital Twins for our systems and work with all major interfaces, protocols and platforms. Our aim is the best total economy for our client.

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