Searise™ Subsea Trenching System

  • Pumps are at the heart of innovative solutions to lay High Voltage subsea cables
  • Connecting offshore wind-farms
  • Connecting countries
  • Connecting electrified oil & gas fields
  • Higher pressures and flowrates to dig deeper trenches, avoiding rock-dumping
  • Robust pumping units at competitive cost
  • Bespoke engineering and individual pump tests
  • FSubsea has multiple systems in use, and modified or upgraded more than 40 units.

DeepSea & Excavation

A range of heavy duty subsea centrifugal pumps for use on ROV’s, trenchers and other subsea tools or installations. Typically, they are used adjacent to our clients ejector-based systems, or they can be used as subsea jetting or injection applications. Key efforts have been made to make these pumps light weight, compact and robust, while still being cost effective. Primary applications are seawater or light slurries. Typical capacities range up to 1000 m3/hr and with generated pressures up to 80 bar. Pumps can be mounted in any direction and comes with either hydraulic or electric drive.

Searise™ Deep
200M & 400M

Raw & Contaminated Seawater​

Searise™ Deep
200S & 400S


Raw & Contaminated Seawater​

Searise ™ Deep
H13 / H25

Raw & Contaminated Seawater​​

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