World-class technology: Rotating subsea equipment

  • Omnirise™ is our family of subsea centrifugal and positive displacement pumps intended for permanent, long-term installation on the seabed.

  • They are the most autonomous, “All electric” boosting systems on the market, designed for very low maintenance and also suited for topside (unmanned) applications.

  • The systems does not have any mechanical shaft seals and do not require any external barrier-fluid supply and have integrated variable speed functionality.

Subsea Chemical Injection & Boosting Products

Omnirise HydroMag™

Seawater, freshwater, MEG and hydrocarbons

Our core Intellectual Property lies in the realm of design and development of pumps and high performance, high pressure magnetic coupling systems, as well as the optional integration of the latter into hydrodynamic variable speed systems. Furthermore, the related control systems, cooling and lubrication systems and integration onto complete subsea boosting modules, are our core competencies.

Technical specification

Omnirise™ Mag

Seawater, freshwater, MEG and hydrocarbons

This is the world`s first subsea process pump that does not require any mechanical seal or Barrier Fluid system. Furthermore, it is designed for easy hook-up to a unique Electric Subsea Variable Speed Drive system. The core and proprietary technology of the 400V centrifugal boosting system was qualified during the course of 2014 and 2015 and is currently available in the marketplace for a variety of subsea boosting and circulation applications. 

This system won the OTC Spotlight on New Technology Award in 2017

Technical specification

Omnirise™ HiDi​

Well intervention, Reverse Osmosis & chemical injection

This hermetically sealed subsea pumping system has been run in ambient pressures up to 300 bar. Seal-less and easily integrated with already qualified subsea electric Variable Speed Drive, this 400V disc membrane pumping system is reliable and suitable for a multitude of tasks including chemical injection, well intervention and P&A applications.

Technical specification

Simplify, Reduce costs & Increase Reliability

Hydromag™ - Drive unit​

  • Fixed low-speed subsea motor

  • Variable speed Torque converter
  • High performance Magnetic coupling

  • Robust cooling & control system

Omnirise™ Single-phase & Multiphase

Multiphase fluids

This is the world’s first Barrier Fluid-less subsea boosting system with embedded hydrodynamic variable speed functionality. It builds on the development of the Omnirise™ and a unique, new and patented technology platform called Hydromag™. The system is currently being developed in a partnership with AkerBP, ConocoPhillips, Equinor, Lundin, NOV, OMV, Innovation Norway, The Research Council of Norway and Voith Turbo.

FASTsubsea X (JV w/ AKSO)

Technical specification

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